04 January 2009

Your Team

Spent a quality morning at the Alameda Antique Swap today, and while I wanted to splurge my wallet forced me to avoid the piles of Roloflex cameras, Harris tweeds, inexpensive Mid-Century furniture and the ilk. However, I did happen to track down two killer photos amongst mountains of Van Halen and Stevie Nicks promo shots; buried deep down inside I scored a huge Avengers print and a 5x7 Crime shot. So stoked. Had I had more patience to dig I'm certain I could have stumbled across more, but alas the throngs of scavengers were getting on my nerves and the needs to eat drove me away. My only regrets for today's swap would be passing on the $35 sword as well not searching out American made Woolrich and Prendleton shirts, oh well, always next month...

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