03 January 2009

This is a New Age

I've never really been much for resolutions for the new year, they're never really abided by much beyond January 15th by most people, but the notion of a conversation with oneself to really make anew when the calendar flips a digit appeals to me this time around. I've been doing more internal reflection lately, brought on by the approaching of my 35th birthday, feeling the distance growing since I've been truly inspired or done the inspiring and so I need to make a change. I don't want to feel like I'm just drifting through life anymore, and so I'm resolving to do something about it. Perhaps this list will morph as the objectives and desires for my life alter through the year. Its time to stop looking back, and realize forward is the direction I should be moving. This is the beginning: 
  • Write on a daily basis, no matter how short or inane the subject matter.
  • Listen to music again, really listen, not just as background noise, but instead really focus and listen.
  • Take art classes, for the pleasure of learning. City College only costs $20 a credit hour, so there is no reason not to take advantage.
  • Finally assemble proper portfolio.
  • Rework and refocus job search. Acquire a new position that I can love and truly enjoy.
  • Reduce amount of time spent eating out as well as eating processed foods.
  • Play more sports, and spend more time at the gym.
  • Always be reading a book.
  • Purge the things I don't need, be they clothes, records, dvds or what have you.
  • Value my friends more, and stop taking them for granted.
  • Develop projects and stick to them.
  • Overpower, Overcome.

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