06 January 2009

It's a Conspiracy not Unlike Roswell

I'm convinced that that Ron Asheton's death is a result of him secretly being Iggy Pop's daemon, and Iggy's depositing decades of drugging and related bad habits into poor Ron's body. It's like Mick and Keith killing Brian Jones, or like Metallica killing Cliff so they could sell out.

I'm actually more obsessed with the notion that Cliff was murdered by the other goons in Metallica than I am with the Rolling Stones or Stooges theories I have rolling around in my skull. I mean look at how lame they got after Cliff died, but then again look at the piles of money they aquirred. Cliff would have never let them sell out. Cliff was metal come to life. A long haired, skinny, wild man freak, bassmeister general, thrashing machine. I mean you really think that the black album would have happened if Cliff lived? Let alone St. Anger. He would have kept it real. Stupid, but real. Cliff wouldn't have collected art, he would have collected Misfits shit and awesome sluts. He certainly wouldn't have covered Bob Seger, at least not later shitty Bob Seger. Maybe "2+2=?" era Bob Seger, bongo playing with the MC5 Bob Seger, but not shit-dawg, shit kicker, truck driver Bob Seger.

Think about it.

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