12 February 2009

Connect the Goddamn Dots...

Am getting back into making mixtapes for folx, of course with information superhighway on my side I can distribute the jams to the universe... feel free to download and pass to friends...


Track listing:

Ministry - TV II
La Quinta Brigada - Ay Carmela
World Burns to Death - The Same Old Lies
Lou Reed - Vicious
Madball - Smell The Bacon
Torreos after Ole - Chicos de la Calle
Siekiera - Fala
Lama - Se Saatana
Killing Joke - This Tribal Antidote
Armia - Opowiesc Zimowa
Fury - Space Love
Gun Club - Sex Beat
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young Adult Friction
Marked Men - I'm Here With You
General Echo - Track Shoes

1 comment:

kristina said...

I just downloaded this - very cool - but why not separate into tracks? :)