12 August 2008

jack in the box

jack in the box, originally uploaded by mikedthorn.

when i was a child my grandmother used to take me to jack in the box all the time, i dare say it might have been my favorite of all the fast food joint. this was pre-quirky commercials and $6 hamburgers. i would eat mushroom swiss burgers like my life depended on it, while sucking down milkshakes and fries coated in ketchup. decades later, i can't recall the last time i've been in one of these joints, nor the last time i've eaten a cow. i do know the last meat i ate was sweet and sour pork from some strip mall chinese place, i'm assuming it was gross--all coated in cornstarch enhanced pink gooey sauce--but maybe it was like a little slice of overly sweet heaven. who knows?

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