06 April 2009


some of this shit is fucking stupid.
- replacements 'stink' ep
- posting dumb observations rants and thought farts via twitter. shit is like smoking crank. can't stop won't stop. @borninamess
- fake chicken bbq sandwiches with avo-fucking-cado
- my porch
- this grey sweatshirt i just bought
- apc jeans
- man vs food, what a disgusting fat bastard. love it
- slayer - reign in blood lp
- pitbulls wearing clothes and sunglasses carrying around meatsticks like they are cigars
- the vomit punx
- girls who are former junkies but managed to get sober at the right point in their junkie life and so even though they are like 52 they look like a hot 29 yr old. get into it. shit is like a preservative.
- oranges
- gauze, the band and the shit you wrap shit in.
- ride - smile lp especially the song 'chelsea girl'
- the pains of being pure of heart lp. pass the dust i think i'm bowie
- fc barcelona por vida fruits

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