26 January 2009


My god. Truly, I'm at a loss for words to describe what seeing Amebix live was finally like, after eons listening to their crushing mix of Killing Joke and Motorhead, the sound of a million dour, black clad, merchants gloom storming the kingdom of heaven. My normal overarching opinion of classic punk bands reuniting is that such tours amount to little more than bloated former punks vainly attempting to relive the fleeting moments of their youth when they actually mattered to someone. I mean my god, look at Discharge, which just might have been the biggest joke I've ever seen in the over twenty years of going to see bands. But Amebix, there was just something so sincere, so honest and so powerful about their performance. There were moments when it felt like the band and the audience had merged into a united skull crushing machine of ferocity, railing against the forces that lead us to the slaughter, like they lead a horse to water, and not only can they not force us to drink, but we refuse! Arise! Get off your knees! Serious chills my friends!

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