28 August 2008

new dreams

so this is my friend lauren's blog. its about food. i like food, food is good. it's called cheese toast. when i was a much younger lad and would listen to the early strains of alternative radio drifting over lake erie from windsor du canada, there was this song 89x would play all the time, entitled 'cheese on bread' which contained the brilliant line 'i'd rather be dead than not have my cheese on bread.' given this was during my early quest toward vegetarianism, i related quite a bit to the sentiment, though the reality was more that i probably would be dead sans my cheese on bread. anyway, lauren has a lust for food, and it shows, and her blog is much more interesting than mine, thats for certain. though one day, perhaps, the tables will turn on that bit of truth, as the razorblades & aspirin rises from the mist to crush the forces of light or some of pathetic attempt at a lovecraft phrase. cheese, cheese on bread.

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