17 January 2008


So, as I mentioned in the prior post, some nerds and myself (not being a nerd), have gotten together and created a site dedicated to our love of Skinbyrds and the culture that surrounds the cult of the shaven head, heavy boots and big beat. Check it here

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Anonymous said...

Did This Tune by Willi Williams.As it says in Desciption"Showin'my solidarity wit'and appreciation for Traditional Skinheads."http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JGfc5ByItc I would be described as Mod revival/Two Tone as I was 12 or 13 when that happened('78/'79)and was a big influence.Happy to find you as I always loved the Skinhead Girls(they didn't notice me as I wasn't one of them)and love the pin-ups too.Always beautiful.Sharp Love.WR