13 November 2007

my war, or my life as one of them.

fun fact #549 about me:
after the summer of 1987 i returned to perrysburg junior high school to find a few of my punk friends sporting dead shirts. being 13 and slightly more clueless than i currently am, i assumed they were a punk or metal band... i mean hippies wouldn't be into skulls, right? i still recall the vexed look on the face of the woman @ sam goody as i purchased "my war" as well as the 1st grateful dead album. said look had nothing on the look of horror on my face as the needle hit the groove upon my return home. then i put on the dead lp. i smashed it within moments of the first side ending, called matt burson on the phone and told him he was a posuer and he told me that i'd get more pussy listening to the dead than i'd ever get listening to black flag. i was fuming and hung up the phone. i tried listening to the black flag record again, stopped after the title track and went out to skate.

lessons to be learned:
• "my war" still sucks
• so does the dead
• hippies like skulls
• girls are awesome.

furthermore, my war is an abortion of a record. the title track is good but other than that it sounds like some high school band from like antioch, california or something. i actually sold the copy mentioned in this tale in like 1989. i have mountains of trade credit at amoeba right now, and so when i saw a copy of my war for like 3.99 i picked it up figuring its been like what 17 years, i'll give it another shot and not just rely on my memory, which does fail me i ashamed to say (kids, don't do speed, acid or random pill some dude named dave henry gives you). again, i made it through the title track and then skipped around trying to find a good part. then i flipped it over to the vomit on vinyl that is side 2. filed away to be sold sometime in the future. "my war" the song is the last dying breath of a vicious beast, the remainder of the album is said beast bowels relaxing and all the waste being released.

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