05 October 2007


so we have this thing, at my office, called the starfish award, which is handed out monthly to those employees which go above and beyond the call of duties and exemplify the core values of the corporation.

most of us in the sf office think its sorta silly

the ridiculousness of it was exemplified today when it was revealed that someone was nominated for the award for retrieving a bag of microwave popcorn from the snack machine which had become stuck, for another employee.


shoot me.

every time they mention 'starfish' all i can think about is how i was hanging out with this girl who loved to comment on her cat's 'starfish' meaning butthole, meaning every time they mention who the starfish of the month is, all i think about who is the top asshole around here.

my manager suggested that if i went and obtained her a glass of water, she would nominate me for next month.

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